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    Online Video Marketing For Real Estate Investors

    Cool Ninja Video Marketing Strategy
    For Real Estate Investors


    Ever use Fiverr before?  NO!  We’ll this is must have in your arsenal.  Fiverr is a website where you can pay someone $5 to do just about anything.  From paying someone to act like a complete idiot to social media marketing and video marketing production.

    We use this cool Online video marketing trick…

    The trick is to hire someone on to do a promo video  for your real estate business, then upload that video onto YouTube for some great Real Estate SEO benefits.

    [hilight color="FFFF00"]Check out the video marketing video below to learn more…[/hilight]

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    “The YouTube Google Hack” Report . This report is full of great video marketing tips.

    Here is just one example you’ll find in this report….

    Got to and find a  gig that will post your videos onto Traffic Geyser, HaySpread or TubeMogul. This will cost you $5. Make sure the post links back to your YouTube page not your website page.

    YouTube is one of the largest, most visited websites in the world.  Fortunately for us, its also one of the easiest places to get massive amounts of traffic with minimal effort and expense.  This is an amazing little video marketing strategy that just scratches the service of the real estate SEO tactics you can use with “The Youtube Google Hack Report”!


    If you want to get more trips and tricks just grab our  FREE Online Real Estate Marketing Guide!




    Find Cash Buyers

    t2Find Cash Buyers Now

    …Do you want to change your real estate business with just a few clicks of your mouse. Well its possible with this new Nationwide Find Cash Buyers System.  If you are involved in any niche of real estate (residential, commercial, wholesaling, rehabbing, lease options, short sales, or even a Real Estate agent) this system will be right up your alley.

    Finding Cash Buyers is a terrific strategy when it comes to selling real estate, leveraging cash buyers. Finding cash buyers is the key to a successful real estate investing business. This strategy works well whether you are an agent or real estate investor, but works best when you’re wholesaling properties. Many people get in this business and give up because they simply don’t know how to find cash buyers. You can have 20 homes to sell but if you don’t have buyers bringing cash money to the table, then you won’t sell anything. If you invest in real estate today and more specifically, looking to unload properties quickly for a profit than you may want to consider this technique. This entire strategy is about finding high value cash buyers, targeting them, and attracting them to you and your business. The kind of cash buyer you’re looking for is an individual or company with a high liquidity and a real focus to buy houses at a discount.

    Okay great, but how do I find these cash buyers? Well there are a few ways, you can advertise for them or market to them directly. Advertising for these cash buyers would entail putting advertising campaigns out to various forms of media outlets such as newspaper classifieds, craigslist, social media, or using something like bandit signs. This type of media advertising can be very successful in building a buyer’s list for your real estate business but it can also be very costly and time consuming. However, there is a much easier way to find these cash buyers. And it’s using this new system.

    Did you know that just last month that there were over 150,000 cash real estate transactions across the country. Ask me how I know this…. I know because I now have access to EVERY ONE of these cash buyers!!! With a few clicks of a mouse, I can find cash buyers in markets coast to coast. A friend of mine just showed me his killer site for finding these buyers – you’re not going to believe it! Find Cash Buyers Now

    Find Cash buyers in your own backyard!!!

    This cash buyer system will allow you to find cash buyers right in your backyard. All you need to do is select the state you want the data, the county, and the date range of when the property was sold and in one click you have a list of every cash sale. The list is INSANELY valuable!


    So what come’s with the cash buyers system?

    Find Cash Buyers Now Includes:
    - The buyers name
    - The property address they bought
    - The buyers mailing address
    - The date they closed on the property
    - How much they paid for the property

    When I saw this software for the first time I just stopped and shook my head……”If I had only had this type of information when I first started in real estate.” How much easier would my investing have been? All of the time, effort, and energy saved. WOW!

    Learn how to make your investing business SOOOOO MUCH easier!! You can get this system here…Find Cash Buyers Now



    Why Your Real Estate Website Should Be On WordPress

    Your Real Estate Website should be on WordPress


    WordPress offers a flexible interface, is search engine optimized, and boasts the functionality to add content and features that your target audience is looking for.

    WordPress is an Open Source software which allows it to be used free of cost. You can use it on any kind of real estate website or personal website without have to paying for it. Another great bonus is that you don’t need to have a lot of technological experience to use WordPress on your website. Getting your WordPress real estate website online is extremely easy and affordable. All you need is to set up hosting with a provider such as Hostgator or Godaddy. These hosting companies can install WordPress on your site with just a click of the mouse.

    WordPress also has numerous themes available for you to use, again for free. The template options are endless and there are countless options for the real estate industry. If you don’t like the theme templates that come with the default installation of WordPress, you can find hundreds of other themes across the web. Some of these themes are free while others are paid and offer more functionality such as IDX or listings integration. If really want to establish a your brand and stand out from the crowd then you can also find a designer to create a custom real estate website on WordPress for you. These custom themes can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. Another great thing is that you kind actually make your theme appear like a regular website. There are thousands of real estate websites and real estate investor websites across the web that use this platform.

    One thing that makes the WordPress platform such a flexible interface is that it utilizes plug-ins.

    WordPress Plug-in give you the ability to really customize your WordPress real estate website with just about anything you can think of. Most of the plug-ins are free and can be installed with a click of the mouse. For example, if you wanted a way to add all your social media accounts to your site you could just look that up on Google and find the relevant plug-in, which there are many of. There are numerous plug-ins available but some the most useful are the SEO Plug-ins that can really help get you real estate website found by the major search engines.

    WordPress is a very SEO friendly platform. SEO means search engine optimization and SEO definitely must be kept in mind when building a website. WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be search engine friendly. For example sending pings to other sites, making categories, tagging your posts, using keywords, and the use of h1/h2 tags can dramatically affect your real estate website rankings on the search engines.

    WordPress is used around the entire world. It probably has the largest community on the World Wide Web. Recent statistics indicate that WordPress is used on more than 2% of the websites in the world. There is also a large user development community that is constantly working on new software, themes, plug-ins and updates.

    A real estate website built on WordPress can also serve you well as the foundation of your social media efforts which in turn can help your search engine ranking.

    By posting articles and relevant content to your site regularly you will almost immediately be indexed by Google and the other search engines. These search engines absolutely love fresh content, so you should be posting new content at least twice a week, preferably 3-4 times weekly. The more often you post the better. One good strategy is to pre-write your content and then have WordPress publish the content on the days and times of your choosing! While you’re taking advantage of this organic traffic generating strategy you can also link your content to your social media accounts. This will help grow your brand, real estate business and traffic even further. That’s why we suggest you build your site on WordPress before moving on to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or anything else. If you’re ready to take control of your real estate web presence and real estate marketing online then you need to start by using WordPress.
    Learn About Our Custom Real Estate WordPress Sites Here


    Facebook for Small Business

    “F-Commerce”, or “Facebook Commerce” is quickly becoming one of the most common places for consumers to spend money online. And it also is becoming one of the most common places for marketers to target their buying audience online.  Many businesses are using Facebook to attract to new customers and clients.

    In fact, consumers who purchase on Facebook spend an average of 67% more dollars than those consumers who purchase on other online stores and the internet in general.

    Purchasing products online especially during the Holiday season has absolutely exploded over the last 5 years and this trend continues to grow.


    Why else would all the big retailers have online stores on their Fan Page? They see firsthand how droves of consumers are purchasing products online. They all understand that Facebook is now the most visited site on the planet with over 800 million active users. 50% of this users login into Facebook everyday making this one of the most attractive places to market products.

    The experts are predicting $30 billion in global purchases on facebook by 2015. Currently, there are $5 billion in transactions occurring on Facebook, so $30 billion seems a long way off, until you look at the trends. The truth is, if Facebook is watching the numbers, we’re most likely going to see more and more features added for businesses that are already implementing fan page commerce offerings.  Facebook is quickly becoming the place for online purchasing.

    If you are in business it’s time to embrace the future and dealing with thin profit margins and shrinking revenues. By leveraging this new marketing tactic your business can tap into a limitless new market where word of mouth brings you sustainable new customers daily.

    It doesn’t matter what industry you are in real estate or dog training, Facebook can help change your bottom line.

    Get your business up and running on Facebook, and take your business to the next level.  If you need help doing this just contact us directly and we would be happy to you consult with you on your social media marketing.  Just recently we came across this terrific training program called FB Influence.  It’s an educational training series that shows you how you can start marketing and profiting from the all mighty FACEBOOK.

    I highly suggest you check out and it would be a fabulous investment for your real estate business. [hyperlink family="Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif" size="18" color="1485C7" textshadow="0" alignment="center" weight="normal" style="normal" lineheight="110" linkurl="" linkwindow="_blank"] Research FB Influence Here[/hyperlink]


    Real Estate Link Building

    When using real estate link building strategies getting your real estate business in the top search results is not that difficult to do.

    You just need a proven strategy to implement to get there. Our real estate seo and real estate link building solutions can help you get on page 1 of Google. You see marketing your real estate business online is easier than you think when seller and buyers can find you online.

    Did you know that being ranked number 1 on google for your keyword terms will generate you 60% of the traffic, 40% if you show up #2 and 20% if you show #3, what do you think the rest of the results are getting? That’s right nothing!

    You can get ranked on the 1st page for keyword terms like “Sell My House Fast Boston” and others by using our unique real estate link building strategies.

    t1Marketing your real estate business online isn’t an option anymore, it’s a requirement. Every week that you don’t take action, your business is getting harder and harder to find and engage. It’s not your fault. The internet changes constantly. It’s a moving target for most real estate entrepreneurs who really do want to understand how to use it with the best results but you’ve got to take action before you lose even more business and your competitors get even further ahead of you.

    Implement your real estate link building efforts today.