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    Breaking News: BIGFOOT in Oregon

    Just this past week, it has been brought the the authorities attention that their is new evidence of Bigfoot in Oregon near an Indian Reservation in the Blue Mountains region of Oregon.

    It is being said that eerie shrieks are emanating during the night which are unlike any animals the locals are used to hearing. In fact, they are issuing a protocol not to go out at night when the sounds are being heard near the Umatilla Indian Reservation east of Pendleton.

    Most recent Evidence of Bigfoot in Oregon

    According to and reports from The Oregonian share local stories as well as recorded sounds from one of the locals…

    The community is split as to the possible source of the mysterious noises. Some believe that foxes or coyotes may be responsible for the night-time serenades, but others are certain that a Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, is too blame.

    The isolated reservation, which about 1,500 people call home, covers 178,000 acres and extends into Oregon’s Blue Mountains – a notorious hotbed of Bigfoot sightings…

    …The spooky sounds were first reported last month, and the tribal housing authority has fielded a half-dozen calls from concerned residents so far.

    John Franken, the housing authority’s interim director, told The Oregonian that some tenants living in the reservation’s 190 rental properties and 32 homes are gripped by fear, and one man even said that his dog were too terrified to venture out for a walk.

    With reservation officials unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the auditory disturbance, rumours quickly spread that the creature shrieking in the night was a young Bigfoot that got separated from his family.

    Read more:–pinpoint-culprit.html#ixzz2JBVa5qxf

    As it appears, this is yet another case to add to evidence of Bigfoot in Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. As mentioned in the article, a ‘hotbed of sightings’ of Bigfoot from over the years.

    Historical evidence of Bigfoot from over the years

    Bigfoot in Oregon

    This is just one of many pictures that has been captured over the years as evidence of Bigfoot existing.

    Despite the hoax perpetuated by a Ray Wallace, whose family admitted at his funeral that he had been stamping fake footprints all over the Northwest since the 1950′s, there are countless visual, auditory, and even video sightings of the hairy creature.

    Here’s one of the videos of Bigfoot captured throughout the years.

    In fact, there is a whole new television series on the Discovery Channel, aptly titled Finding Bigfoot, now dedicated to the existence of the creature.

    What do you believe? Are all of the accounts of Bigfoot from over the years enough to support that it does in fact exist?

    Is the most recent evidence of Bigfoot in Oregon enough to put you over the edge that Bigfoot does exist?

    Share your Bigfoot in Oregon comments below.

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    Facebook Search Is Here!

    Facebook Search just announced

    Facebook has finally challenged Google at its own game.   Facebook search has arrived and it has arrived in a much different format than what you might expect.

    It’s called Facebook Graph Search

    Facebook made the announcement this afternoon by formally stating that they are now officially in the ‘search’ business, with a product called Graph Search.

    facebook searchFacebook is not using its data to provide a better search that Google. Facebook is providing a new type of search that you simply can’t do on Google or anywhere else.  With Facebook Graph Search, the objects we search for aren’t web pages but instead virtual representations of real world objects: people, places and things. The connections are primarily Facebook Likes. Did such-and-such a person like a particular photo? A particular doctor? A particular restaurant? Those likes are the ties that bind the information in Facebook together.

    This is a game changer.

    Although not yet available, you can become a beta tester on

    Essentially Facebook Search is an upgrade to its largely-ignored search function. It relies heavily on “likes” and other connections that users make inside Facebook’s “graph.”

    Graph search will definitely have a big impact on the  23 million local businesses in the USA, so if you are one of these businesses you will want to get that Fan Page setup.

    With today’s announcement of the new Facebook Graph Search, many business owners will eventually be wondering, “How do I make sure my business gets found in Facebook search?”

    Never fear: Facebook itself has already shared a few tips to help make that happen. Facebook Graph Search will eventually become a fairly effective local search / recommendations engine.

    Again, local business, if you haven’t already, YOU need a Facebook page, top officers and owners need to build their own personal network with local folk. By encouraging ‘likes’ on the business Facebook page, will give greater exposure in the Graph Search Algorithm.

    While no testing has been done, it’s clear the pages outside of Facebook will want to be shared in the FB network. This can easily be done with plugins using the WordPress platform. All relevant business pages and blog posts should have a FB like button.

    Facebook says that its new search bar will return “the top search suggestions, including people, Pages, apps, places, groups, and suggested searches” — notice how “Pages” and “places” are listed separately.

    Initially Facebook Graph Search will be more valuable to active Facebook users — those who’ve actively Liked businesses and pages, artists and movies, and so forth.

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    Ever hear of the BLT Factor?

    BLT FactorLast week I received an email from someone I admire and follow in the real estate investing industry.  His name is Jeff Watson and he is the foremost authority on short sales and short sale investing.   Anyway, the email was about the “BLT Factor” and its not what you think it is.

    The BLT Factor, it’s not that yummy Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich….

    Have you ever heard anyone talk about the “BLT Factor.”?

     “BLT” stands for“Believe, Like, Trust.”

    I was recently going through some notes from a meeting that I had attended some time ago.  I had written down that people do business with others whom they like and trust.  That reiterated the “BLT Factor.”

    Here are the three “BLT Factor” questions that you must ask yourself…

    How credible is your message?

    How consistent is your message?

    How kind is your message?

    Do you do what you say you are going to do when (or before) you say it will be done?

    How well do you think that people who choose to or need to do business with you believe you, like you and trust you?  Are they reluctant or eager?

    Start the “BLT” conversation with yourself and do some soul serious soul searching.

    I asked myself how high my “BLT Factor” is.  More importantly, I asked myself what I could do to improve my “BLT factor.”

    How about you?  Are you working on kindness?  Are you working on clarity of communication?  Are you working on consistency?  Are you accurate?  Are you politely authoritative?  Are you timely and thorough?  If you are working on these things and striving to do better, then your “BLT Factor” is probably pretty good, but it can always be improved.

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    Cash Flow Real Estate with Memphis Invest

    The topic of making money in real estate can create a lot of different conversations. What it really boils down to though is how much capital you are working with, how much time you are willing to put into the process, and what your knowledge is on specific strategies to profit.

    There are a myriad of ways to participate in the real estate investment industry. A few of them include apartment buildings, land, residential or commercial rentals, private mortgages, and many others. One of our favorite ways to invest is through positive cash flow real estate rental properties.

    That said, here are 5 strategies for making money in real estate …

    1. Appreciation. This is creating a capital gain out of your real estate purchase. Essentially, you are earning money by simply buying a property and selling it for a higher price…usually by holding on to it for a while.

    To get the most out of an investment for appreciation, you need to make sure you are buying in an area that is growing. The laws of supply and demand apply here.

    2. Depreciation. Remember that this is a tax benefit of owning real estate and not a cash contributor on a monthly basis. Here you get to depreciate the value of the structures on your property over time. This can save you a LOT at tax time.

    That said, consider this a secondary strategy because it does not make an impact on your monthly cash flow. Invest for other reasons like cash flow or appreciation and think of depreciation as a bonus.

    3. Buy low. You do this by buying below market value. Sometimes this is by dealing directly with sellers while other situations may involve a real estate agent. Why you purchase below market value, you have instant equity in the investment

    Remember when hiring a real estate agent make sure they have a knack for real estate investing. Get a specialist. This will dramatically impact your bottom line

    4. Sell high. Fix up the property, make the buying process simple, and do your due diligence to FIND the right buyer. For more on finding CASH buyers in your market for deals, click here.

    5. Cash flow. Purchasing a property for cash flow, means you have rent covering ALL your expenses, your mortgage payments, AND you are making a profit each month. In addition to this, with a system in place, you can rent a property you own and create a passive income stream.

    One of the ways we highly recommend investing for cash flow is to do it through a proven system that handles ALL the pieces for you. It is having a way to maintain and manage the property with minimal effort on your part.

    Cash Flow Real Estate Investing in Memphis and Dallas

    We mentioned that our favorite strategy is cash flow real estate investing with a system, correct?

    When investing for cash flow you need to make sure that the necessary steps for success will not make you frustrated and sell your property too soon.

    We highly recommend one of the top companies in the country when it comes to hands off hassle free real estate investing.   The company is MemphisInvest and they are one of the fast growing companies in the country as ranked by INC. Magazine.

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    Struggling with the thought of finding financing or even the right deal that WILL make you money in real estate?

    If you answered, “Yes,” then you need to reach out to us. We can do a private consultation with you and set you up with one of our wealth consultants to help you put the cash flow real estate investment puzzle together.

    Contact us here today to discuss your next cash flow real estate investment

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    More on MemphisInvest and DallasInvest for your cash flow real estate investing needs….

    MemphisInvest is a family owned Real Estate Investment company in Memphis, Tennesee focused on the things most important to its clientele. They place a premium on access for investors and transparent accountability which has led to their tremendous success.

    And this focus has helped them separate from other real estate investment companies all over the nation.

    Memphis Invest provides strategically located cash flow real estate investment properties.  These properties provide positive cash flow, tax benefits, and peace of mind investors who are looking for a hands off hassle free approach.

    Our sister company REV | Real Estate Visionaries is happy to have partnered with Memphis Invest to provide this opportunity to you!

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     Cash Flow Real Estate