Learn how to be a top producer in the direct sales and network marketing industry!

Discover the Top Producer Formula here: https://workwithdave.leadpages.net/top-producer/

Master these three things for massive success in your direct sales and network marketing company.

These are lessons and trainings that anyone can learn to grow a network marketing and or direct sales business to new heights. 

It all starts with the right mindset and the right marketing mechanics.  Once you have that in place then you should always have your focus on money making activities if you want to achieve financial success and all that comes with it. 

Those activities are: producing new sales and recruiting.

Focusing on other activities will not help you create influence, sponsor the star studded leaders, build massive organizations or help you reach the lifestyle freedom you desire.

It is not your responsibility to reinvent the wheel. Until you’re making a minimum of $30,000 a month, your focus should be on selling and sponsoring. Nothing else.

The real secret to sponsoring leaders is to bring in two people a day.

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to ever get real results is due to a ‘dirty myth’ that’s floating around in this profession which is that we’re told it’s easy when we get in.

Your inner-beliefs affect your business and when they’re not serving you, you must change them.

To be a Top Producer you must identify which limiting beliefs and values are holding you back and re- place them with positive limiting beliefs and values which will enable you to move in a direction that’s going to help you create results.

Your beliefs, the information in your mind, your values, all the way to your actions need to be in complete and total alignment.

You have to be aligned in a single direction if you want to accomplish your outcomes, if you want to create a big result, if you want to create a big team, if you want to recruit a lot of people and if you want to sell a lot of products.

A great opportunity will excite people to join. Your belief in your team and their ability to succeed is what will excite people to stay. 

Want to learn the exact Top Producer Formula?https://workwithdave.leadpages.net/top-producer/

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Learn how to be a top producer in Amway or any other direct sales or network marketing company.

Your time is now!

Discover 7 Tips For Growing And Marketing Your Business On Instagram.

How can I get started With Instagram?

You can download the app for iOS or Android or view photos and follow users straight
from the web. You’ll need to use the mobile app for uploading, editing, and sharing images as there’s currently no way to do so from the web.

  • How can I get started with Instagram?
  • How do Instagram hashtags work?
  • How many hashtags is best?

Setup your bio and profile with a Headline about you and a call to action followed by a link to a landing page or lead capture page.  Once that is done you can start post photos.  Post photo's of inspiration or success quotes, your business events, lifestyle pictures and pictures of you having fun, 15 second videos that are inspiring, contain tips or tricks or something that is funny.

Next make sure you use 3-5 Hashtags in each picture. Use hashtags that are popular and or relevant to your business.  You can search Google and Instagram for popular Hashtags.

Make sure you engage in the Instagram community, as people follow you follow them back and engage with their photos and hashtags.

Finally make sure you share your Instagram Posts across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Want to learn how to generate leads via Instagram?  

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Three Minute Daily Inspiration

How should we react to the fact  that everything we love will  eventually come to an end? Watch the response in this video.

If you have 3 minutes then you need to watch this video ;-

This video will possibly inspire you, make you tear up, and convince 
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